What is your demo/submissions policy?

Enpeg only accepts complete albums as demo/submissions. Random links (myspace, facebook, soundcloud, etc.) will just be overlooked.

Place your whole album (in mp3 form (if accepted, we'll ask for wav/aiff versions)) & a text file with all your information into a zip/rar. Place that zip/rar somewhere online and then send a link for download to: demos[AT]enpeg[DOT]com with 'Demo Submission for Enpeg' as the subject.

I sent my demo link but have not heard back from anyone yet...what's taking so long?

We get a lot of demos and it takes time to listen to all that music properly (every demo sent in is listened to 100%). Unfortunately, with such a large number of demos, we are unable to reply to every artist. Only the ones we are interested in. We apologize and hope you understand.

How are your releases encoded?

Flac releases are encoded as FLAC @ compression level 5. All mp3 releases are 320kbps unless otherwise noted.

I heard that Enpeg and n5MD are affiliated. If this is true why aren't all the Enpeg artists being released on n5MD?

Good question. If you are familiar with n5MD you'll know that there is a specific sound and feel to the label. There are also monetary restrictions on pressing that much music. So to give more artists the outlet and promotion they deserve we started Enpeg.

I paid for my release and didn't download it right away do i still have time?

If you sent the links to yourself via email on the final page they are good for 24 hours.

Do the releases come with artwork?

Our releases now come with 1000x1000 300dpi album covers. They are named "folder.jpg" for your convenience.

I opened my ZIP file and there are only artwork files in it

This is can be remedied by upgrading your version of winzip or winrar.

When i hit continue on the "you made a payment" paypal page i got an alert that said i was leaving a secure server...is this normal?

Yes, Enpeg does not need to be on a secure connection because 1.) we do not handle any of your payment details and 2.) all of en:peg digital's links are encrypted. When warned of leaving the secure connection hit "continue" as hitting cancel will interrupt your transaction. This will result in you not getting your product links. If this happens please email us your paypal ref # and we will regenerate links for you.