nadoyel haircuts EN72

nadoyel - haircuts
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN72
Honesty, Please!
Meet By The Dock
On Thursdays
After The 19

Haircuts is the Enpeg debut of up-and-coming musician Nadoyel. While studying and living in Melbourne while also working on this EP, she fell in love with the feeling of how this amazing city existed so far away from where she grew up. Itís a city where itís hard to not get lost in its people, energy, architecture, etc. One vivid memory she had that inspired the cover was when she spent a summer day at the Royal Botanical Gardens on the south bank of Melbourne's Yarra River. When sundown came, thousands of bats started flying across the sky. From that time forth she sort of became obsessed with bats, their different sizes, the ways in which they communicate, the echolocating microbats, the huge fruit bats in Melbourne and just loving the sense of intuition that bats possess. She liked the idea of naming the EP after something that usually implies change in peoplesí lives. Haircuts overall has a lot of thoughts of intuition, escapism and change that made their way into this EP, which Nadoyel finished before coming back to the States. [Learn more about nadoyel...]