gyrowyre ornge EN71

gyrowyre - ornge
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN71

Gyrowyre returns with a follow-up to his 2016 EP Rde in the form of Ornge. With five tracks of beautifully energetic hopefulness, Gyrowyre once again nostalgically nods towards the golden era of rave while still keeping things within a future perspective. If Rde was the ride home after partying all night, then Ornge is the morning after, wide awake and ready to tackle the day ahead. As bright as the early morning sun that warms your face and blinds your eyes, Ornge is filled with sharp melodies balanced atop techno/electro rhythms that cut through frequencies in the same vein as the aforementioned sun which cuts through the clouds and night each day. A perfect compliment to Rde, Ornge can easily be considered it's B-side and we can only hope that Gyrowyre continues on the path he's nicely carving out for himself. [Learn more about gyrowyre...]

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