midimode nevertale EN68

midimode - nevertale
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN68
One Eternity Later
Hometown (feat. Donnie Ozone)
Not Even Dreams
Veles' Fields (feat. Anru)
Music That Brings Good News (feat. b_twisted)
Tale Of A Bicycle Chain
Neptune (Hydropark)
Prism II
Entering Singularity

Midimode return to Enpeg with the amazing Nevertale, a beautifully playful album that dances itís way into our hearts and ears with foot moving grooves and emotionally laced synths. Capturing a tremendous joy in sound, the Russian duo showcase the mastery of their art with Nevertale being a pure example of some of the talent that these two behold. Built on a foundation of idm, electro, breakbeat and maybe a little trance, Midimode have created a wonderful party-filled atmosphere (tinted in futurism) that happily bounces along from song to song, reminding us to smile and just have fun. At itís most honest, this is a dance album that hints towards the introspective cerebral while maintaining a communal connection. Perfectly produced with a welcomed reminiscences of some of the most classic feelings & sounds of early rave, Nevertale is a classic for today. [Learn more about midimode...]

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