headphone science disorders of consciousness EN65

headphone science - disorders of consciousness
headphone science
disorders of consciousness
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN65
Chapter I: To begin waking up at the start of falling asleep
Chapter II: A feeling of tactile influence sinks deeper with each breath
Chapter III: Memories and fantasies blend into reality
Chapter IV: Where space iterated to the point of all
Chapter V: Reaching emptiness and completing fullness
Chapter VI: Forgetting how to escape while remembering it’s necessity
Chapter VII: Realizing this side of the parallel may be home
Chapter VIII: The darkest recesses have the lightest corners
Chapter IX: Eventually everything dissipates

Disorders of Consciousness is the new album from Dustin Craig's Headphone Science alias. His first on n5MD digital affiliate Enpeg since his Raumdämonen album back in 2011 (in the time between, Craig has released an album and two EPs via his own HDSC Bandcamp page). Disorders of Consciousness was originally made by Craig as an aural aide to an increasingly frequent insomnia problem. Comprised of nine long-form drone pieces and while this album is not Craig's first foray into drone it is the culmination of his earlier experiments in the genre. Disorders of Consciousness is 3+ hours long with the longest track eclipsing 35 minutes. The album's length might come as a daunting proposition for some, however all the works encapsulated take the listener on a sonic journey, something that can often be absent from other works in the drone genre. Admittedly, calling Disorders of Consciousness strictly drone is a bit of a misnomer as one might hear the sonic textural experimentation of artists such as Fennesz or Tim Hecker as well as early dark hued isolationists like Coil, Final and Lull. Here are some simple instructions to enjoy Disorders of Consciousness: Set aside 3 hours, turn up the volume, turn off the lights and let Disorders of Consciousness take over.

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