cosmos in collision adrift EN64

cosmos in collision - adrift
cosmos in collision
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN64
Hidden Sun
Falling Skies

Adrift is the Enpeg debut of Cosmos in Collision. A six-track EP that explores the sonic structures of shoegaze and electronica, Cosmos in Collision delivers a beautifully well-rounded collection of one musician’s meaningful explorations in these directions. Despite being an instrumental EP, Adrift tells a tale of lonely nights spent in the studio, drifting in a flow of sounds, echoes and reverbs, clinging to a guitar or synth and patiently waiting for that perfect melody to surface which final directs one to move their finger towards that big red recording button. With feelings of warm isolation, Adrift is a perfect soundtrack for late nights and early mornings. [Learn more about cosmos in collision...]