23:59 million.alone. EN62

23:59 - million.alone.
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN62
Space Is My Best Friend
For June
Above The Sky
We Are The Heroes
Iím Tired
My Winter
My Cold Echo
The Long Goodbye
My Own Little Story (bonus track)

Million.Alone. is the Enpeg debut of electronic music producer 23:59. In Million.Alone. he expresses every emotion and feeling, especially those that are difficult to describe in words. The main leitmotifs of the album are 23:59ís personal emotions, his own experiences and thoughts to share with the listener and form a dialogue. Powerful synths, clean guitars, slow bright drums, noises and melancholic melodies - all is collected in Million.Alone. Enjoy! [Learn more about 23:59...]