AMPbEND fluid walls EN59

AMPbEND - fluid walls
fluid walls
Format : FLAC EP
Catalog# :EN59
As A Start
Fair Impasse
Swimmingpool & Voices
Fluid Walls
Coming To You

Fluid Walls is the Enpeg debut for new musical duo AMPbEND. An excellent EP based in a shoegazer/ambient/electronic foundation, Fluid Walls is a blissfully dark journey through emotion & frequency that over the course of it's six tracks delivers a sense of late nights, broken hearts and forgotten tomorrows. But unlike these depressive thoughts, Fluid Walls rather acts more as if it were the warm grandmother knitted quilt wrapped around for protection from this cold world and it's harsh elements (oh, that love fixes everything). The positive within a sea of negative, starlight in deep space. With all this said though, Fluid Walls is also balanced with a nostalgic remembrance of early warehouse parties and the many chemicals that went along with those nights. In both balanced cases, nothing but good times and memories made. [Learn more about AMPbEND...]