pauk snails'n'dragons EN54

pauk - snails'n'dragons
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN54
The Snail
Little Alien
Insekt 3
Night on Irkutsk
Родиться (birth)
Suite 30
Apartment on Vauxhall
Hidden Voice
Au Revoir

'Snails'n'dragons' is an amazing album from the forever talented Pauk. Created from the memories of his Grandmother's fairytales told to him & his brother as children, 'Snails'n'dragons' contains a sense of whimsy & playful melancholy based in a foundation of classic IDM with a slant towards today's dubstep & breakcore spectrums. With the same energy as children on a playground, Pauk has crafted a timeless classic that will make you smile with each listen as childhood memories are remembered. Also, a remix album is to follow on the awesome Discontinu Records ( [Learn more about pauk...]