enabl.ed modules fail EN52

enabl.ed - modules fail
modules fail
Format : FLAC
Catalog# :EN52
Its at this point, where i get drowsy
Arel Depiq
Melting in Stereo
Blowing Ashes
Make me what they say I am
Vinc Drae5
Empty Images
Drowning errors 2.0
For the last time

Enabl.ed finally drops his Enpeg debut titled "Modules Fail" and what a wonderful debut it is. Firmly rooted in the classic sound of IDM, beautiful melodics float above skittering bleeps and perfectly glitched rhythmics creating a sense of innocence corrupted. A sort of nostalgic futurism; a yesterday's tomorrow. A sound forgotten amongst the banal ocean of dubstep and such. With nods to IDM's greats, Enabl.ed manages to walk that fine balance between the familiar & his own voice delicately grand giving listeners what they've been waiting for for a while now. An awesome IDM album. A welcome addition to Enpeg, "Modules Fail" is an exquisite listen. [Learn more about enabl.ed...]

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