ruxpin where do we float from here? EN49

ruxpin - where do we float from here?
where do we float from here?
Format : flac
Catalog# :EN49
I Saw Her Standing There
Her Body Smells of Cinnamon
We All Carry Our Ghost
Chasing Dandelions
Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable
My Tricycle Can Float from Planet to Planet
She Danced the Waltz
Where the Wild Things Are
She Played This Song for Me When I Was Five
I Noticed You Hovering Above Me
The View Looks Good From Up Here
The Boy Who Gazed at the Eclipse
Who Did You See in the Mist?
A Sunrise (and They Turned into Stones)

Once an artist comes into his/her own and finds their own sound and way of working that best suits them it shows. This evolution is great to hear over an artists career. Ruxpin's new album, which features art from Lithuanian artist Erika M. (, entitled "Were Do We float From Here?" has that well seasoned master of his craft feel. One that can only be honed from years of experience and experimentation. Much like the nice guy on the football (soccer) team who makes the game look both effortless and exciting to watch Jonas Thor Gudmundsson drops an album with the same "I want more!" reverberation. "Were Do We float From Here?" is a excellent slab of well written electronica that reflects back towards some of the earlier Warp artists without sounding like a copycat or paint by numbers lesson. If there was a vote of who best to carry the torch for this genre or our football team for that matter. We'd vote Ruxpin. [Learn more about ruxpin...]