fell fermé ferme EN48

fell - fermé ferme
fermé ferme
Format : flac
Catalog# :EN48
women in painting and in reality
we are keep spinning so you are keep dancing
a sunshine
ferme ferme
but you stay the same
the envelope of the family of ellispes
here in canada, we use the metric system of speed
you are i am we are
a friend of mine...

Fell's 3rd release for Enpeg finds John McCaig in some rather introspective territory. Shortly after battling cancer (and subsequently being diagnosed cancer free after months of treatment) McCaig started writing Fermé Ferme. But.. due to pretty severe neuropathy in his hands, which is a common side effect from chemotherapy, he decided to sell all his stringed instruments and purchase monophonic synths which were easier to play considering his neurological condition. By multitracking the notes to make the chords and melodies that would have been originally recorded on string instruments via his new analog toys McCaig took the time, harddrive space and patience to record a complex album that yields many levels of nuance, feeling and texture. For those keeping score there are a few guitars and some piano in the mix as well as some really impressive processed live drumming by Don Gunn. Fermé Ferme is one of the most satisfyingly original listens we've had in a long long time. [Learn more about fell...]

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