todeyoshi 2 many days without sinking EN45

todeyoshi - 2 many days without sinking
2 many days without sinking
Format : flac
Catalog# :EN45
antti lovag
malcolm's diary
clutter of holcomb
long beat freddy
slow down the beer, pete!
marvin's last night

Frenchman Todeyoshi's "2 many days without sinking" album struck a chord with us because of his use of classic armchair techno motifs. Albeit with a slightly sinister bent and just enough swing to get your head nodding and those synapses firing. All this future-retro texture is juxtaposed against some of the finest drum machine and sample manipulation since Bola's Soup or early Autechre. We're suckers here at Enpeg for pitched and delayed percussion and Todeyoshi does it well and in spades. This flac version of the album features 2 extra tracks. [Learn more about todeyoshi...]