off land blue narration EN42

off land - blue narration
off land
blue narration
Format : flac
Catalog# :EN42
it's him
tall building
off spring

Blue Narration is Off Land's 7th release since the project's inception back in 2004. Tim Dwyer, who is the man behind Off Land, has been quoted saying that Stars of the Lid, Woob and Selected Ambient Works II era Aphex Twin are inspirations for Blue Narration. We also hear some Namlook and Biosphoere in there too but Blue Narration is not a mere amalgam and reproduction exercise. Each influence, technique and theme seem to seamlessly melt into the next by way of Dwyers dusty production. We've only given you the signposts to guide you. We think it's time you tried listening off the map. Go Off Land... [Learn more about off land...]

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