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Behind Root Elements is a writer and producer named Jeremiah Menez. He has been involved with music since age 7, with his earliest musical experiences playing piano and violin. The name 'Root Elements' was born the day he discovered that the music he was creating had such a rich influence on all of the different styles of music he had embraced throughout his life so far: classical, rock, jazz, hip-hop, then to techno/trance and electronica. To this day, one can hear allot of these influences in his music and he is a firm believer in creative diversity in music. He is the co-founder of 'If Else Then' (, an electronic music netlabel and has a side project with long time friend and fellow musician BJ Rigney, called 'Realthings'. Jeremiah currently lives in the Oakland area of the East San Francisco Bay. He is inspired by many art forms as well as nature. In addition to sound, he is also into photography and video production and is currently working on short films, music videos and photograph collections. His studios are collectively called "Animal Kingdom" and are split between two spaces in the SF Bay Area. WWW

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