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Originally coming from a visual arts background, electro-acoustic musician Mark Harris has always had a strong interest in systems and generative processes in art and music. This interest has led him to develop a number of custom software applications which allow him to work with these processes in a live performance environment. Harris usually works from heavily processed samples of live instruments and field recordings / along with live synthesis and although there is a strong systems based element in his creative process Harris works this process through improvisational techniques to generate the work in real time. Although the basis of his work has a strong analytical and systems based approach Harris' aim is to create immersive works which gradually develops over time that create a sense of space and place, which ultimately generates a strong emotional response in the listener. Harris' previous works include a full-length titled "The Boy Observer's the Ocean" the UK Hibernate Records imprint and "Birmingham Sound Matter" a project Instigated by Spanish Sound Artist Francisco Lopez collaborating with six other sound artists in the west midlands culminating in a concert and CD release by Audiobulb. Harris also is a member of the AV collective Modulate in the UK and has most recently signed on to the US based n5MD imprint to release his latest series of works. WWW

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