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clocolan is an invention of composer Emlyn Ellis Addison. Drawn to narrative ephemera and the detritus of human endeavor, clocolan’s imaginary spaces are shaped from original writings and the found sounds of generations of abandoned ideologies. His creative thirst dawned in South Africa: a childhood of neglected hinterlands, eroded topology, unconquered vastness. From it emerged clocolan’s nostalgic, lo-fi, vintage electronica; expansive themes lost in the background noise of human affairs. A long formal training in music theory, composition, and voice traced an unlikely path to graduate studies at CalArts, and an awakening: new modes of expression materialized from knob-twiddling and endless textural cravings. But the beauty of structure and melodic arcs are never far beneath the surface. clocolan reaches for a musical cohesion that feels tenuous: the thin line that separates incidental harmonics from conscious expression.

The name ‘Clocolan’ comes from a small, windswept town in the South African veldt; a mispronunciation that stuck. Words and meaning distorted, transmuted. WWW

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