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CHEjU is Wil Bolton, composer and producer of experimental electronica and co-owner of Boltfish recordings. His style is a mixture of warm synth tones, crunchy broken beats, and layered atmospheric textures.

His track 'glow worms' features on rednetic recordings release 'one point one', with his 'filament mix' of the same track available to download from netlabel redose. His "Sliding Window EP" is available on lacedmilk technologies whilst his "Rorschach EP" is available on Kahvi.

Previous work includes 'closed circuit' and 'horizontal city', featured on radio 1's one music website, and 'electrokoto' which reached the finals of extreme music's extreme idol competition. He also produces library music for gulp, it's moving and raw42. WWW

Enpeg releases from cheju