Cosmos in Collision Cosmos in Collision

Cosmos in Collisions is the musical journey of Riccardo Spaggiari, a musician and producer based in Italy, that explores the lines between ambient-electronica, post-rock and shoegaze. In 2003, he became a member of Ataraxia as percussionist. Since then the band has released 12 albums and performed concerts in Europe, South America and China. In 2011, Riccardo began working on his solo live looping project Masala. In 2012, he started a collaboration with the post-rock band Amp Rive as drummer and at the end of the year, closed Masala’s experience while also starting a new ambient/electronic project called [FRAGMENTS] which was then renamed Cosmos in Collision. During this period he also performed many solo concerts including the International Live Looping Festival in Florence, the European festival of percussion "Percfest" and the Italian final of the Boss Live Looping World Championship.

With Cosmos in Collisions, the sonic palette is composed by layers of ethereal guitars, warm synths, shimmering soundscapes and downtempo rhythmic textures to create a dreamy and emotional flow of sound. During 2014, Cosmos in Collisions released the singles “A New Life” and “The Stargazer”. The album ‘Evoluzioni' was released as the formerly named [FRAGMENTS] by Yalla Rec. on September 2013. The track “Constellation” was selected for the compilations ’12.12.12 Project’ (Loopers Delight) and ‘Element/02’ (The Future Elements). WWW

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