Producer Sergio Mesa (aka Nev.Era) and musician David Jornet (aka Strange2) combine together to form a new project of ambient, noise & electronic music under the name AMPbEND. Created in the distance between Barcelona, Spain and Paris, France, AMPbEND travels through a strange but special universe of hypnotic-trance atmospherics & rhythmics, over heavy-weighted landscapes, compiled in real-time with the help of all kinds of analog and artificial devices.

Sergio Mesa (aka Nev.Era) is an evocation of emotions transformed in broken beats and minimal sounds with visions of a future unknown. A constant reflection carried away by emotional states transformed into electronic-musical impulses. Based in Barcelona, Spain, Sergio Mesa is a lover of quality music in all it's aspects.

David Jornet (1971) is a Barcelona based artist (now living in Paris) who started his musical career in the middle of the 80s. His passion for electronics has brought him to play in several bands (Frame, Klockwork, Asphalt!, Tannhauser, Anorak..). In 2005, he decided to found his personal solo project, Strange2, a compilation of the musical snippets that make up David's memory. David Jornet creates to show a universal world of sounds in which are mixed with the creative intensity of IDM and ambient-electronica music with complex atmospheres. WWW

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